Euclidian Distance

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This node calculates the Euclidean distance transform of a binary mask. Each voxel value in the resulting image represents the euclidian distance to the closest edge voxel in the mask, i.e. the length of the line segment which connects that voxel to the nearest point on the perimeter of the mask. By default, the distance map is unsigned, but the filter can output signed distance maps by changing settings.



Input mask(s).

Type: Mask, List, Required, Single



Output image(s), containing the Euclidian distance transform of each mask.

Type: Image, List


Distance unit Selection

Select the unit of the Euclidian distance map.

Values: mm, Voxels

Signed Distance Map Boolean

Output a signed distance map, where inside and outside distances are of opposite sign.

Inside is Selection

Define if the inside of a mask should be positive of negative in a signed distance map.

Values: Negative, Positive

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