Closing by Reconstruction

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This filter is similar to the morphological closing, but contrary to the morphological closing, the closing by reconstruction preserves the shape of the components. The closing by reconstruction of an image “f” is defined as:

ClosingByReconstruction(f) = ErosionByReconstruction(f, Dilation(f)).

Closing by reconstruction not only preserves structures preserved by the dilation, but also raises the contrast of the darkest regions. If Preserve Intensities is on, a subsequent reconstruction by dilation using a marker image that is the original image for all unaffected pixels.



Input image(s).

Type: Image, List, Required, Single



Output image(s)

Type: Image, List


Kernel Selection

Shape of the structuring element.

Values: Annulus, Ball, Box, Cross

Kernel Radius [px] 3D Vector

Set the kernel radius in voxels, specified as [i, j, k].

Connectivity Selection

Set whether the connected components are defined strictly by face connectivity or by face+edge+vertex (full) connectivity.

Values: Face Connectivity, Full Connectivity

Preserve Intensities Boolean

Set whether the original intensities of the image retained for those pixels unaffected by the opening by reconstruction. If Flase, the output pixel contrast will be reduced.

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