Create Numeric Meshgrid

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This node constructs a numeric grid using sets of 1D input arrays. Each input array defines values along a specific dimension based on its connection name. If you provide N input arrays, the node generates N N-dimensional grids, where the grid shapes depend on the input array lengths. The output is a single numeric array with N+1 dimensions.

If any input is a list, the node returns a list of expanded results.

Example: if you input arrays with lengths 4 and 3, the output grid will be of shape [4, 3, 2]. With input arrays of lengths 4, 3, and 2, the output grid's shape becomes [4, 3, 2, 3].

This node is similar to MATLAB's ndgrid or numpy's meshgrid.


Dimension 0

Input 1D numeric array (lists). The inputs are dynamic, and the numbering will increase as more inputs are connected. A scalar, i.e. a 0D input will be treated as a 1D input of a single element.

Type: Numeric Array, Required, Single



Output meshgrid.

Type: Numeric Array

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Keywords: mesh, meshgrid, ndgrid