Copy Properties

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Copy properties from a reference image or mask. There are three categories of properties:

  1. Geometric settings
  2. Metadata
  3. Other Data

Geometric properties inlcude position, voxel size and orientation. Metadata include subject information, scan information and the metadata structure. Other data include channel descriptions and value unit.



Input or target image or mask. This is the object you want to copy the information to.

Type: Image, Mask, Required, Single


Reference image or mask. This is the object you want to copy the information from.

Type: Image, Mask, Required, Single



Output result.

Type: Image, Mask



Copy Position Boolean

Copy position from reference.

Copy Voxel Size Boolean

Copy voxel size from reference.

Copy Orientation Boolean

Copy orientation from reference.


Copy Subject Info Boolean

Copy subject info from reference. The subject info contains ID, Name, Birthdate, Weight and Sex.

Copy Scan Info Boolean

Copy Scan information from the reference. The scan information contains Date, Frame of ReferenceIOD and patient positioning.

Copy MetaData Boolean

Copy Metadata tags from the reference.


Copy Channel Descriptions Boolean

Copy channel descriptions from the reference.

Copy Value Unit Boolean

Copy value units from the reference.

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