t# Concatenate Text Node Icon

Combine Text or Text List inputs to a single Text or use broadcasting rules to create a Text List.


Input 0

Input Text or Text List. The input is dynamic and the numbering will change depending on the number of connected inputs.

Type: Text, List, Required, Single



Output Text or Text List

Type: Text, List


Separator Text

The separator is inserted between each input Text or between each element in an input Text List.

List Handling Selection

Merge handles each element in the input Text List(s) as a word and outputs a Text. Broadcast will use broadcasting rules to create an output Text List where each element is a combination of the input text list. E.g. if A is [‘My name’, ‘is’] and B is [‘John’, ‘Doe’] and the separator is '_', Merge will output ‘My name_is_John_Doe’ and Broadcast will output [‘My name_John’, ‘is_Doe’].

Values: Concatenate, Broadcast

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