Set Property

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Set a specific property to a value supplied as an input. This operation allows changing the property value type, e.g. from a Numeric Array to a Text List. The property has to exist in the input data. If it does not exist, use the Insert Property node.




Type: Any, List, Required, Single

New Value

New property value.

Type: Any, Required, Single



Input data with the changed property.

Type: Any, List


Property Text

Property path. For example, if the input is a single Image the path to the Sex property is Subject.Sex. The paths can be found in the Properties viewer by right-clicking on the property and choosing Copy Property Path.

Broadcast Input Boolean

Broadcast input to property list elements.

If set to True and the property is a list, the input will be assigned to each element of the property list.

If set to False and the property and input are lists of equal length, the i:th element of the input list is assigned to the i:th element of the property list.

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