Invert Transform

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Get the inverse of a transform or a list of transforms, including initial transforms. An inverse transform changes the direction of the transform. If the transform is the result of an image registration, the transform maps the moving image onto the fixed image. The inverse transform maps the fixed image onto the moving image.

Linear transforms (Translation, Rigid, Similarity and Affine transforms) have analytical solutsions to the inverse transforms, whereas non-rigid transforms in general do not. If a transform or any of the initial transforms is a non-linear transform, the inverse of all transforms combined will be estimated using the InvertDisplacementFieldImageFilter.



Input transform.

Type: List of Lists, Struct, List, Required, Single



Resulting inverse transform.

Type: List of Lists, Struct, List


Invert Deformation Field Settings

Maximum Iterations Integer

Maximum number of iterations when estimating the inverse deformation field.

Mean Error Tol Float

Missing description.

Max Error Tol Float

Missing description.

Enforce Boundary Cond Boolean

Missing description.

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