Standard Deviation

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Reduce a numeric array using the standard deviation over all dimensions (reducing the array to a number, i.e. sum of all voxels) or a selected dimension.



Input Numeric Array(s)

Type: Numeric Array, List, Required, Single




Type: Numeric Array, List


Projection Along Selection

Select over which dimension to reduce, All will reduce the array to a number, or choose a Dimension.

Values: All, Dimension

Dimension Integer

Specify which dimension to reduce over.

Keep Dimension Boolean

If selected, the dimension which was reduced will be kept as a singleton dimension. E.g. if you have a numeric array with dimensions [i, j, k, c] and select Keep Dimension, the output will be [i, j, k, 1], otherwise it will be [i, j, k].

Unbiased Boolean

Use Bessel's correction for an unbiased estimation of the standard deviation.

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