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An image gradient filter is a type of image derivative filter that calculates the gradient, or rate of change, of the intensity values in an image. It computes the magnitude and direction of the intensity change at each pixel in the image. The gradient filter outputs a map of gradient magnitudes, which highlight the edges and texture features in the image. The gradient filter is often used in image processing and computer vision tasks, such as edge detection, feature extraction, and image segmentation.

This filter computes the gradient of the input image(s) using directional derivatives. The directional derivative at each pixel location is computed by convolution with a first-order derivative operator.



Input image(s).

Type: Image, List, Required, Single



Output image(s).

Type: Image, List


Direction Selection

Select if the gradient should be calculated in the image matrix space or in physical space. This could be important if the slices are oblique or just non-axial.

Values: i,j,k, x,y,z

Displacement Unit Selection

Set the displacement unit. If set to pixels [px], the voxel size will be ignored.

Values: px, mm

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