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Performs element-wise boolean XOR operation in supplied inputs with broadcasting. If the two input elements are not equal, the resulting output element is TRUE, otherwise it is FALSE. You can perform the operation on any two supported inputs of the same type. The operation can be performed on any supported input type and a boolean.



First input.

Type: Mask, Column, Boolean Array, List, Required, Single


Second input.

Type: Mask, Column, Boolean Array, List, Optional, Single



Resulting output. The output type is determined by the input types. If one input is an Mask or a Column, the output will be an Mask or a Column, respectively. If both inputs are Boolean Array type, the output will be a Boolean Array type.

Type: Mask, Column, Boolean Array, List



Value Array

If optional input is not suppliad, the AND operation will be performed between mandatory Upper input and specified value.

Image Settings

Metadata Source Selection

Select the source for the output metadata. This is only applicable if the output is a mask.

Values: Upper, Lower

Column Settings

Column Name Text

Set the name of the output column.

Broadcast Settings

Broadcasting Selection

Select how to align the input data for broadcasting. Only applicable for Mask and Boolean Array.

Values: Align Leading Dimensions, Align Trailing Dimensions

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