Create Mask

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Create a Mask with a constant value, or from an input Boolean Array.



Output Mask.

Type: Mask



Value Boolean

Constant value.

Shape Integers

Mask shape.

Method Selection

Select whether the output Mask should have a constant value or be derived from an input Boolean Array.

Values: Constant, From Array

Name Text

Mask name.

Value Unit Text

Voxel value unit.

Geometry Selection

Select whether the Mask geometry is defined manually, or from an input referece image or mask.

Values: Manual, From Reference


Position Numbers

Mask position.

Voxel Size Numbers

Mask voxel Size.

Orientation Rotation Axis Numbers

Mask orientation rotation axis. This is an axis of rotation, and does not have to be normalized.

Orientation Rotation Angle [Degrees] Float

Rotation angle in degrees.

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