Multi-Planar Reconstruction

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Permute and flip the matrix of an input image or mask as needed to obtain an approximation to Axial, Coronal and Sagittal orientations in radiological and neurological conventions.

In the neurological convention, left in the patient is left in the image, and in the radiological convention left in the patient is right in the image.

Position, orientation and voxel size are modified to reflect the shifts in the image matrix. The physical coordinate of each pixel will remain unchanged, but the order of the stored pixels may change.

In oblique images, the closest permutation to the selected projection will be returned.

Note that there is no resampling of the image matrix, only a reordering of the data.



Missing description.

Type: Mask, Image, List, Required, Single



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Type: Image


Orientation Selection

Set the desired coordinate orientation for the output image

Values: Ax/Tra (Radiological), Ax/Tra (Neurological), Coronal (Radiological), Coronal (Neurological), Sagittal (A->P), Sagittal (P->A)

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