Hausdorff Distance

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Computes Hausdorff distance between TRUE voxels of two or more Masks. The Hausdorff distance is the greatest of all the distances from a surface point in one Mask to the closest surface point in the other Mask. The smaller the Hausdorff Distance, the more similar the two Masks are considered to be.



Reference mask(s).

Type: Mask, List, Required, Single


Input mask(s).

Type: Mask, List, Required, Single



Table(s) containing the results.

Type: Table, List


Slice-wise Boolean

Calculate the 2D Hausdorff distance per slice.

Slice Plane Selection

Select the slice plane for slicewise calculation.

Values: i-j, i-k, j-k

Compare Input List Selection

If Pairwise is selected, each element in the Reference list is compared to the corresponding element in the Input list. The two lists must be the same lenght. Output is a list of tables, one for each pair. If you want to have the information as a single table, use Merge Tables.

If Against each Ref element is selected, the filter compares each reference volume to all volumes in the input list. If the reference input is a list, each element in that list will be compared to all elements in the input list, and the output will be a list of tables.

Values: Pairwise, Against each Ref element

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