Create List

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Create a List from inputs. Output can be either a List or List Of Lists, depending on the settings. Any type can be combined to Lists, but a List can only contain one type of data.


Input 0

Input of any type. The inputs are dynamic, and the numbering will increase as more inputs are connected.

Type: Any, List, Required, Single



Output List or List Of Lists

Type: List, List Of Lists


List Handling Selection

Extend will insert each element in the input list to an element in the output list.

Broadcast will use broadcasting rules to create the output List Of Lists where the length of the List in each output element is the same.

Append will insert an input list as an element in the output List Of Lists.

Values: Extend, Broadcast, Append

Input Type Selection

Manually set the input type. It is autatically set when the first input is connected if Any is selected.

Values: Any, Contour, Table, Column, Text, Numeric Array, Boolean Array, Structure, Mask, Image

See also

Keywords: merge, extend, append