Otsu Multi

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The Otsu multiple thresholds filter is a thresholding algorithm that is used to separate the pixels of an input image into several different labels (or classes), each one obtained according to the intensity of the gray levels within the image.

For example, by setting the desired number of thresholds to 2 you will get 3 classes such as dark voxels, bright voxels and intermediate voxels.

Note: This filter becomes quite slow around \(n=5\).



Input image(s).

Type: Image, List, Required, Single



Output image(s).

Type: Image


Found thresholds in a Numeric Array array.

Type: Numeric Array


Number of Thresholds Integer

Set number of thresholds \(n\). The number of labels in the resulting label map will be \(n+1\).

Bins Integer

Set the number of image gryscale values, or bins, when finding the threshold.

Use Bin Midpoint as Threshold Boolean

Set threshold as the midpoint of the bin. If false, the end of the bin will be used. This has a small effect if the number of bins is large.

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