Sort List

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Sort an input List on a property value of each list element. For example, you can sort a list alphabetically by the Name property or by z-position by the Position[2] property.



Input List.

Type: List, Required, Single



Resulting List.

Type: List


The indeces of the elements in the input List corresponding the the elements in the output List.

Type: Numeric Array


Sort Selection

Sort the List ascending or descending.

Values: Ascending, Descending

Sort By Property Text

The path to the property you want to sort on. For example, to sort on the name of the image, set the Property Path to Name. To sort on the echo time in the third volume of an Image, set the Property Path to Metadata[2].EchoTime.

N.B. Sort List assumes that you want to sort a list, so the first index is omitted, i.e. don't write [:].Metadata[2].EchoTime.

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