Get Elements

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Get elements from a list via indeces, range or a boolean mask.



Input List.

Type: Any, List, Required, Single



Missing description.

Type: Any, List


Select By Selection

Method of selection. Range lets you specify the start and stop rows to include. Index specifies the selected rows via a numeric array, i.e. to get the first and third row, input [0,2]. Bit Mask selects the rows using True/False notation, i.e. if you want the first and third row in a Table, input [1,0,1,0,0].

Values: Range, Index, Bit Mask

Start Index Text

If Range is selected, this specifies the first selected element.

Stop Index Text

If Range is selected, this specifies the last selected element.

Bit Mask Bits

If Bit Mask is selected, input the selected elements via a boolean array.

Indices Integers

If Index is selected, input selected element indeces here as a numeric array of integers.

Output Type Selection

Specify the output type.

Values: Contour List, Table List, Column List, Text List, Structure List, List of Lists, Mask List, Image List, Numeric Array List, Boolean Array List

Single Element as List Boolean

Output a single element as a list with length [1]. Useful when output is not known before running and can be either a selected element or a list.

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