Split Text

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Splits the text around the found matches.



Input Text(s).

Type: Text, List, Required, Single



Output Text List or List Of Lists containing Text lists.

Type: Text, List Of Lists, List



Split At Text

Split string at this matching pattern.

Matching Options

Match Case Boolean

Case sensitive matching of the input string.

Match Whole Words Only Boolean

The matching string must match a group surrounded by whitespace characters in the input string, i.e. ‘and’ will not find any matches in ‘my name is andy’.

Split Option Selection

How to split the string when a match is found. E.g. if the matching pattern is ‘is’ and the input string is ‘my name is john doe’,

Before will output ['my name ', ‘is john doe’]

After will output [‘my name is’, ' john doe']

Discard Split String will output ['my name ‘, ' john doe’]

Keep Split String will output [‘my name’, ‘is’, ‘john doe’]

Values: Before, After, Discard Split String, Keep Split String

Regular Expressions

Edit Regular Expression Boolean

Enable matching with regular expression.

Regular Expression Text

Edit regular expression for matching.

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