Create Structure

Node Icon Create a structure with content from in inputs of the node. The node can accept any number and type of inputs, with a default field name "Field#", where # is the number of inputs with that name. The input fields can be renamed, but no two fields can have the same name.



Input of any type. The inputs are dynamic, and the numbering will increase as more inputs are connected.

Type: Any, Optional, Single



The resulting Structure.

Type: Struct



Add Field Button

Add another field.

Field: Field0

Name Text

Rename the Field.

Type Selection

Change the data type of the field.

Values: Boolean Array, Boolean Array List, Column, Column List, Contour, Contour List, Image, Image List, List of Lists, Mask, Mask List, Numeric Array, Numeric Array List, Structure, Structure List, Table, Table List, Text, Text List

Remove Button

Remove the field.

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