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Erode input image(s) using grayscale morphology. Image erosion is a morphological image processing technique used to reduce the size of bright regions in an image, while preserving the boundaries of objects. The erosion operation is performed using a structuring element or kernel, which is a small neighborhood of pixels that is moved over the image. The value of the output pixel is set to the minimum value of the corresponding pixels in the neighborhood defined by the structuring element. The erosion operation shrinks the bright regions in the image and can be used for tasks such as removing noise, filling small gaps, and reducing the size of objects. Image erosion is often used in combination with other morphological operations, such as dilation and opening, to perform image processing tasks such as object extraction, skeletonization, and shape analysis.



Input image(s).

Type: Image, List, Required, Single



Output image(s).

Type: Image, List


Kernel Selection

The shape of the structuring element.

Values: Annulus, Ball, Box, Cross

Kernel Radius [px] 3D Vector

Set the kernel radius in voxels, specified as [i, j, k].

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