To Contours

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Draw contours around regions in masks or images. In case of images a threshold value must be provided for the regions to be considered inside contours.




Type: Mask, Image, List, Required, Single



The resulting contours. In case the input is a list, the output will be a list of lists of contours.

Type: Contour, List, List of Lists


Threshold Float

Threshold value for what is considered to be inside the contours. Only applicable for images.

Slicing Plane Selection

The plane in which the contours are drawn.

Values: ij, ik, jk

Encircle Pixels Boolean

Set to true if pixels should be encircled when creating the contours. If false, contours are allowed to intersect pixels. Only applicable for masks.

Simplify Boolean

Join consecutive line segments with identical direction into a single line segment.

Output List Selection

Output contours as a merged list, i.e. all contours in one list, using Merge or as a list of lists using Append.

Values: Merge, Append

See also

Keywords: isosurface