Apply Transform

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Apply one or more transforms to an input image, mask, numeric array with coordinates or a contour set. A numeric array with coordinates must be on the form Nx3.



Input Image, Mask, Numeric Array or Contours.

Type: Mask, Image, Numeric Array, Contour, List, Required, Single


Input transform.

Type: List of Lists, Struct, List, Required, Single



Resulting output.

Type: Mask, Image, Numeric Array, Contour, List


Transform Method Selection

An active transformation will resample the image in the selected Frame of Reference. A passive transformation will change the coordinate system of the image, and will leave the image matrix unchanged. A passive transformation can only be performed using a Translation Transform or a Rigid Transform.

Values: Active, Passive

New Resample Reference Boolean

Override the Input Transform Frame of Reference.

Interpolation Order Integer

Interpolation order of the resampling. A value of 0 means nearest neighbour, 1 means linear interpolations, 2-5 are b-splines interpolations.

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