Fill Hole

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Remove holes not connected to the boundary of the Mask.



Input Mask(s).

Type: Mask, List, Required, Single



Output Mask.

Type: Mask


Connectivity Selection

Set whether the holes are defined strictly by face connectivity or by face+edge+vertex (full) connectivity.

Values: Face Connectivity, Full Connectivity

Slicewise Boolean

Perform the operation slicewise. Useful if holes in the image extend to the top or bottom slices of an image stack, i.e. a body contour of the head and neck area where the trachea extends to the bottom slice.

Slice Plane Selection

If the output is calculated slice-by-slice, select the slice direction of the image matrix. Default option is “i-j”, and represent axial slices in an axial image, sagittal slices in a sagittal image or coronal slices in a coronal image.

Values: i-j, i-k, j-k

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