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Creates a histogram from a Numeric Array.



Input Numeric Array.

Type: Numeric Array, Required, Single



Table containing the histogram.

Type: Table



Bins Integer

Set the number of bins in the histogram.

Automatic Bounds Boolean

Set the bounds of the histogram to \([min, max]\).

Lower Bound Float

Set the lower bound of the X-axis.

Upper Bound Float

Set the upper bound of the X-axis.

Bin Location Selection

X-position of the plotted points. Left - point is plotted at left side of the bin, Right - point is plotted at right side of the bin, Center - point is plotted at center of the bin, Bin Width - plotted as bars with the width of the bins.

Values: Center, Left, Right, Bin Width

Normalization Selection

Set how to normalize the y-axis. Count - no normalization, PDF - normalize as probability density, CDF - normalize as cumulative distribution function.

Values: Count, PDF, CDF


Output Name Text

Name of the output Table.

Bins Axis Name Text

Name of the bin (x) axis.

Frequency Axis Name Text

Name of the frequency (y) axis.

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