Visualize RGB

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Send RGB image to the visualizer with custom visualization settings.



Input RGB image to visualize.

Type: Image, Required, Single


RGB Channel Integer

Select the channel that contains R, G and B channels.

Viewport Integer

Index of the viewport to visualize in.

Layer Integer

Layer to visualize in.

Lock Viewport Boolean

Lock selected viewport with other viewports to sync geometry.

Full Range Window Boolean

Use full range windowing for visualization.

Window Min Float

If not using full windowing, set the minimum windowing level.

Window Max Float

If not using full windowing, set the maximum windowing level.

Opacity Float

Set the opacity of the visualized item.

Slice Integer

Set default slice to visualize.

Frame Integer

Set default frame to visualize.

Orientation Selection

Set the viewing orientation of the visualized item. Select beteen Axial (AX), sagittal (SE), coronal (CO) or 3D.

Values: AX, SE, CO, 3D

Colormap Colormap

Set the colormap to use for visualization

Interpolation Selection

Select the interpolation method used for the visualized item.

Values: Cubic, Linear, Nearest

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