Class: NodeMergeData

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Merges a number of data tables into one data table. You can merge the data horizontally (i.e. add columns) or vertically (add rows). If you wish to merge vertically, the input data tables must have the same columns in all input data.



Inpt data tables.

Type: DataCollection, Required, Multiple



Resulting data table.

Type: DataCollection


Dataset Name Text

This is the name the resulting data collection.

Add Collection Column Boolean

Adds a column with the name of the collection the row belongs to.

Merge Direction Selection

This is the direction the merge will be performed, a vertical merge will merge rows with the same column layout and a horizontal merge will add columns to the collection.

Note: A vertical merge requires the connected data collections to have the same number of columns and a horizontal merge requires the same number of rows in each collection.

Values: Vertical, Horizontal

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