Struct to Mask

Class: NodeStructToMask

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Selects and renders a structure from a RT-Struct Collection on a reference image.



Missing description.

Type: Image4DFloat, Required, Single


Missing description.

Type: RTStructCollection, Required, Single



Missing description.

Type: Image4DBool

Smooth Mask

Missing description.

Type: Image4DFloat


Missing description.

Type: DataCollection


Struct Selection

Selection Type Selection

When enabled a case sensitive string match will be used.

Values: First, All, Any

Structure Name(s) Text

Name of the structure to render, if you define several structures as a comma separated list it will render the first structure that matches.

Condition Selection

Condition to use when matching strings to find the structure.

Values: Equals, Contains, NotEqual, DoesNotContain, Regex

Case Sensitive Boolean

When enabled a case sensitive string match will be used.

Dynamic Supersampling

Use Dynamic Supersampling Boolean

When enabled a case sensitive string match will be used.

Maximum Volume Error(%) Number

The tolerance of difference between the numeric volumes calculated directly from the RT-struct polygons and the rendered Smooth Mask.

Maximum Iterations Integer

Sets the maximum number of iterations of adaptive supersumpling to reach Maximum Volume Error (%) before breaking.

Use Error Stopping Criteria Boolean

If set, the automatic upsampling will stop if the volume error doesn't change between iteration.

Error Stopping Criteria(%) Number

If using error stopping criteria the automatic upsampling will stop if the absolute volume error doesn't change by at least this much compared to the error of the previous iteration.

Mask Generation

Threshold(%) Number

Sets how much of a single voxel that needs to be inside the structure for the voxel to be set to one in the mask.

Threshold Type Selection

The type of criteria used to set the resulting mask voxel to 1.

Values: HigherOrEqual, Higher, LowerOrEqual, Lower, Equals

Structure Geometry

End Cap Thickness (mm) Number

Sets the end cap thickness of the structure.

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