Class: NodeImageVisualize

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Send an image or a mask to the visualizer. This node allows you to automate the display of images from your workflow without any interactions.

Example Workflows

Visualizer node example



Input image or mask.

Type: Image4DFloat, Required, Single


Image Type Selection

The type of image to visualize.

Values: Mask, Image

Viewport Integer

Set the target viewport number.

Layer Integer

Set the layer in which the image or mask will be displayed. The bottom layer is layer 1.

Lock Viewport Boolean

Set to TRUE if you want to lock the viewport coordinate system to other viewports.

Colormap ColorMap

Select the colormap of the image.

Full Range Window Boolean

If set to TRUE, the image intensity min and max bounds will be the min and max of the image.

Window Min Number

Set the min value of the window if the full range is set to FALSE.

Window Max Number

Set the max value of the window if the full range is set to FALSE.

Opacity Number

Set the global opacity of the image. This only affects images in layers 2 and above.

Slice Integer

Select the slice to display. A slice of 0 means the middle slice will be selected.

Frame Integer

Select the frame to display.

Orientation Selection

Select the projection of the image, which can be axial (AX), sagittal (SAG), coronal (COR) or a 3D rendering (XYZ).

Values: AX, SAG, COR, XYZ

Interpolation Selection

Set the image interpolation.

Values: Cubic, Linear, Nearest

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