Apply Registration

Class: NodeRegistrationPreDefined

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Applies the transform specified in a DICOM REG file. It can only be applied between the two Frame of reference UIDs specified in the file. It requires one fixed, one moving image and a Registration data type input, and will output the moving image registered and resampled to the fixed image coordinate system.


Fixed Image

The fixed image.

Type: Image4DFloat, Required, Single

Moving Image

The moving image to be registered.

Type: Image4DFloat, Required, Single


The DICOM registration.

Type: RegistrationCollection, Required, Single



The registered image.

Type: Image4DFloat


Interpolator Selection

Specifies which interpolator should be used to resample the moving image.

Values: NearestNeighbour, Linear, BSpline, Gaussian, BlackmanWindowedSinc, CosineWindowedSinc, HammingWindowedSinc, LanczosWindowedSinc, WelchWindowedSinc

Matrix Type Selection

Specifies the matrix type of the registration to use, can be RIGID, RIGID_SCALE or AFFINE.


Matrix Type Code Selection

Selects which registration should be applied based on the DICOM-tag (0008,0104) CodeMeaning.

Values: ImageContentBased, Fiducial, Visual, AcquisitionEquipment, FrameOfReferenceIdentity, Unknown

Set new frame of reference Boolean

Changes the MICE specific Frame of reference tag of the input image to that of the reference image. This is the default setting and is recommended in most applications.

Default Voxel Value Number

Value assigned to extrapolated voxels.

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