Class: NodeImageClosingByReconstruction

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This filter is similar to the morphological closing, but contrary to the morphological closing, the closing by reconstruction preserves the shape of the components. The closing by reconstruction of an image “f” is defined as:

ClosingByReconstruction(f) = ErosionByReconstruction(f, Dilation(f)).

Closing by reconstruction not only preserves structures preserved by the dilation, but also levels raises the contrast of the darkest regions. If PreserveIntensities is on, a subsequent reconstruction by dilation using a marker image that is the original image for all unaffected pixels.

Closing by reconstruction is described in Chapter 6.3.9 of Pierre Soille's book "Morphological Image Analysis: Principles and Applications", Second Edition, Springer, 2003.



Input image.

Type: Image4DFloat, Required, Single



Resulting image.

Type: Image4DFloat


Kernel Selection

The shape of the structuring element.

Values: Annulus, Ball, Box, Cross

Radius X Integer

The radius of the kernel in the X direction, specified in voxels.

Radius Y Integer

The radius of the kernel in the Y direction, specified in voxels.

Radius Z Integer

The radius of the kernel in the Z direction, specified in voxels.


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