Surface Estimation

Class: NodeMaskToSurfaceEstimation

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This node executes a surface-fitting method for estimation of a surface from a binary volume. This process can be used to reduce aliasing artifacts which result in visualization of binary partitioned surfaces. This implementation uses a sparse field level set solver instead of the narrow band implementation described in the reference below, which may introduce some differences in how fast and how accurately (in terms of RMS error) the solution converges.



A binary image.

Type: Image4DBool, Required, Single



An image with the same size as the input binary image.

Type: Image4DFloat


Maximum RMS Error Number

Used to determine when the solution has converged. A lower value will result in a tighter-fitting solution, but will require more computations. Too low a value could put the solver into an infinite loop. Values should always be less than 1.0. A value of 0.07 is a good starting estimate.

Iterations Integer

Set the number of iterations.


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