Apply Mask

Class: NodeMaskApply

Node Icon

Apply a mask to an image. TRUE values in the mask will unaffected in the input image, FALSE values will be set to a specified value.



Input image.

Type: Image4DFloat, Required, Single


Input mask.

Type: Image4DBool, Required, Single



Resulting image.

Type: Image4DFloat



Crop Image to Mask Bounds Boolean

Crops the resulting image size to the bounds of the mask.

Masked Voxel Value Number

Voxels in the resulting image where the mask is FALSE will be set to this value.

Time Series

Use Frame Selection

If crop Image is true, select Largest to crop to the combined bounding box of all frames or Selected to crop to a specific frame.

Values: Largest, Selected

Specific Frame Integer

If crop image is true and a selected frame is used for cropping, select the frame.

Keywords: apply, mask, image