Class: NodeExportMHDFloat

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Convert and export all connected images to .mhd files. This file format is developed by the Insight Software Consortium, and a part of the Insight Segmentation and Registration Toolkit (ITK).

Two files are written for each image:

  1. an .mhd file, which is a header file containing metadata describing image properties such as voxel size, matrix size, orientation and position, and a link to the binary image. This file can also contain limited metadata information.

  2. a .raw file, containing the binary image. The raw file can be compressed using gzip.

Voxel values will be written as they are with no quantization. This might lead to very large files in some cases.

Metadata can optionally be exported as an .xml file with the same basename as the exported image(s).

Note: No DICOM metadata will be written to the .mhd file.

Example Workflows

Export image examples



One or more images to be exported.

Type: Image4DFloat, Required, Multiple


Image Prefix Text

Set the file name prefix. This string will be added to beginning of the file name(s).

Compress Image Boolean

Use lossless compression on the output .raw-file. Turn this off for faster exports.

Export Metadata Boolean

If TRUE, an XML file containing image metadata will be exported.

Path Text

Set the output directory of the node.

Note: This parameter will be overridden if you use this node for batch calculations.

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