Class: NodeCurvatureDiffusion

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This filter performs anisotropic diffusion on a scalar image using the modified curvature diffusion equation (MCDE).

Example workflows



Input image.

Type: Image4DFloat, Required, Single



Resulting image.

Type: Image4DFloat


Conductance Number

The conductance parameter controls the sensitivity of the conductance term in the basic anisotropic diffusion equation. It affect the conductance term in different ways depending on the particular variation on the basic equation. As a general rule, the lower the value, the more strongly the diffusion equation preserves image features (such as high gradients or curvature). A high value for conductance will cause the filter to diffuse image features more readily. Typical values range from 0.5 to 2.0 for data like the Visible Human color data, but the correct value for your application is wholly dependent on the results you want from a specific data set and the number or iterations you perform.

Scaling Update Interval Integer

Set the interval at which a new scaling for the conductance term is calculated.

Time Step Number

Sets the time step to be used for each iteration (update). The time step is constrained at run-time to keep the solution stable. In general, the time step should be at or below (PixelSpacing)/2^(N+1), where N is the dimensionality of the image.

Iterations Integer

Set the number of iterations.