Class: NodeReadDicomDB

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Imports images and other DICOM data from the database.



The imported image.

Type: Image4DFloat


Associated structures.

Type: RTStructCollection


Associated registrations.

Type: RegistrationCollection


Database Import

SeriesID Integer

Series ID of the image in the databse.

Import Structures Boolean

If set associated structures will be imported.

StructSeriesIDs Text

Series ID's of associated structures.

Import Registrations Boolean

If set associated registrations will be imported.

RegSeriesIDs Text

Series ID's of associated registrations.

Database Text

The name of the database to read the data from.


Date Offset Integer

When batching this offset is used to fetch data before or after the current batch date.

Matching String Text

The string used to match the series name when batching.

Static During Batch Boolean

If set this node will be ignored during batching and will always produce the same output.


Tags Selection

Choose the amount of metadata that will be imported.

Values: All, Sparse

Include Private Tags Boolean

Should private tags be included in the metadata.

Change Image Name

Set New Image Name Boolean

Should the image get a new name.

New Name Text

New name of the image.

Structure Filter

Use Structure Filter Boolean

When enabled structure name filtering will be used when loading structures.

Structure Name(s) Text

A comma separated list of names to match.

Condition Selection

Condition to use when matching strings to find the structure(s).

Values: Equals, Contains, NotEqual, DoesNotContain, Regex

Case Sensitive Boolean

When enabled a case sensitive string match will be used.

Action Selection

What action should be taken when a structure matches the filter condition.

Values: Discard, Keep

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