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Calculates the standardized uptake value (SUV) of a PET image. The SUV is a dimensionless, semiquantative measure of tracer uptake, i.e. it is the ratio of actavity in each voxel related to the injected activity. It is calculated as

\[ \begin{equation} SUV = \frac{r}{(a'/w)} \label{eq:sample} \end{equation} \]

where \(r\) is the radioactivity concentration measured by the PET scanner, \(a'\) is the decay corrected amount of injected tracer and \(w\) is the patient weight.


PET Image

A PET image. To calulcate SUV (without having to override the metadata and provide numbers manually), some metadata tags pertaining to half-life, patient weight, total administered dose and administration time are mandatory.

Type: Image4DFloat, Required, Single



The output SUV parameter map.

Type: Image4DFloat



Patient Weight Boolean

If set the specified patient weight will be used instead of the weight from metadata.

Half Life Boolean

If set the specified half life will be used instead of the half life from metadata.

Total Dose Boolean

If set the specified dose will be used instead of the dose from metadata.

Administration Date/Time Boolean

If set the specified date/time will be used instead of the date/time from metadata.

Override Parameters

Patient Weight(kg) Number

Patient weight in kilograms.

Half Life(s) Number

The radionuclide half life, in seconds, that was used in the correction of this image.

Total Dose(MBq) Number

Total dose specified in MBq to use when ‘Set Total Dose’ is selected.

Administration(Date/Time) Date

The actual time of radiopharmaceutical administration to the patient for imaging purposes.


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