Label Map To Mask

Class: NodeRegionShapeKeep

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Converts a label map image (i.e. an image with different segmentations, each having a specific intensity) to a Mask by analyzing the shape of each label. A label map can be produced by Label Map (Regions) from a mask. 0 is considered as background.

Label map

Example workflows


Label Map

The input label image, i.e. an image containing different regions with specific intensities.

Type: Image4DFloat, Required, Single



The output mask created by keeping one or several specified label(s).

Type: Image4DBool

Kept Labels

A label map containing only the kept labels.

Type: Image4DFloat


Number of labels to keep Integer

How many labels to keep.

Sort By Selection

Sets the property to sort the labels by.

Values: Elongation, FeretDiameter, Flatness, NumberOfPixels, NumberOfPixelsOnBorder, Perimeter, PerimeterOnBorder, PerimeterOnBorderRatio, PhysicalSize, Roundness

Reverse Order Boolean

Reverse the sorting order.


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Keywords: regions, shape