Texture GLCM

Class: NodeTextureGLCM

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Generates a 2D gray-level co-occurrence matrix for each direction in one slice orientation of the 3D image.



An image.

Type: Image4DFloat, Required, Single


A mask with the same size as the image, which defines the region in which the GLCMs are calculated.

Type: Image4DBool, Optional, Single



The resulting GLCM with horizontal neighbors.

Type: Image4DFloat


The resulting GLCM with vertical neighbors.

Type: Image4DFloat

Diagonal Left

The resulting GLCM with diagonal left neighbors.

Type: Image4DFloat

Diagonal Right

The resulting GLCM with diagonal right neighbors.

Type: Image4DFloat

Quantized Image

The input image quantized to the number of gray levels.

Type: Image4DFloat



Orientation Selection

The orientation of the planes on which the GLCMs are created. X,Y,Z are the first, second and third dimensions of the image matrix volume, and not the physical coordinate directions.

Values: XY, XZ, YZ


Bins Integer

The number of gray levels in the quantized image, which determines the size of the GLCM.

Slicewise max-min Boolean

Quantize the image slice by slice, using the min and max in each slice.

Use Fixed Window Boolean

Use a global min and max value when quantizing the image.

Ignore Voxels Outside Window Boolean

Ignore Voxels that are smaller or larger than the quantization limits. If this is unchecked, they will be set to the quantization limits.

Fixed Window Min Number

The lower quantization limit.

Fixed Window Max Number

The upper quantization limit.


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