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Class: NodeExportImageCSV

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Convert and export all connected images to csv files. By default, the output will be a .csv text file with the following columns:

It is possible to export Voxel position and/or Patient Information for each voxel as well. The exact format of the output can be defined in the settings.

This format is suited for exporting smaller regions of an image to be used for further processing, analysis or plotting in an external program. It is not intended for storing entire images, since this format is stored in text instead of binary which will lead to large file sizes.

Example Workflows

Export image examples



One or more images to be exported.

Type: Image4DFloat, Required, Multiple


A mask of the same dimensions as the input image(s), defining a region to be exported.

Type: Image4DBool, Optional, Single



Image Prefix Text

Set the file name prefix. This string will be added to beginning of the file name(s).

Separator Text

Set the separator between columns.

Write Column Headers Boolean

If TRUE, column headers will be written to the file.

Single File Boolean

Write all connected image values in the same file, in order for this to work all dimensions, positions and orientations needs to be exactly the same for all connected images.

Note: If you don't need voxel center information only the matrix sizes need to be the same.

Path Text

Set the output directory of the node.

Note: This parameter will be overridden if you use this node for batch calculations.

Image Information

Patient Information Boolean

if TRUE, the two first columns describe patient information. Patient ID and Patient Name will be written to each row.

Voxel Index Boolean

If TRUE, voxel indices will be written to each row.

Voxel Center Boolean

If TRUE, voxel positions will be written to each row.

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