Maurer Distance

Class: NodeMaskMaurerDistance

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This filter calculates the Euclidean distance transform of a binary image in linear time for arbitrary dimensions. Each voxel value in the resulting image represents the euclidian distance to the closest edge voxel in the mask. By default, voxels inside the TRUE values of a mask are the negative euclidian distance to the cloeset edge voxel.

Example workflows



Input mask.

Type: Image4DBool, Required, Single



Resulting distance map.

Type: Image4DFloat


Use Squared Distances Boolean

Output the squared distance.

Inside is Positive Boolean

If TRUE, the inside distance of the mask is positive, and the outside distance from the mask is negative.

Use Image Spacing Boolean

If TRUE, the filter will use the spacing of the input image when calculating the distance map.


Keywords: Maurer, distance, euclidian, map, mask, binary.